Billy has over 10 years of experience in the endurance world.

His skill set and expertise is spread over a broad base of athleticism including:


- Running Basics

- Cycling basics

- Swim technique


- Speed work on the track

- Cycling intervals

- Strength work

- Mental focus

- Racing strategies

- Ironman/ 70.3

- CrossFit endurance building

- Hill/incline training

- Endurance Cycling

- Rowing form

- Building a strong and positive mental attitude

- Pushing through a mental/physical plateau                                                

Basic Endurance

Building basic endurance can be hard and frustrating to someone just starting out.

Billy has experience coaching all levels of endurance experience and categories and he has proven results developing training plans for all types of athletes including high level CrossFit competitors who want to learn the art of pacing wisely and controlling themselves mentally through longer, more arduous workouts (run, row, swim, etc.).


Creating a smart and effective training plan to conquer a run of any distance or speed is a lot easier with a coach who has experience in all levels and distances.

Billy has coached all levels of athletes stay injury free and conquer any distance run from a 1st time 5k, to a longer journey of 100 miles, or even running faster and setting a half marathon personal best.


Is a triathlon on your bucket list? Or do you just want to learn how to get a little faster on the bike?

Maybe you have a long steep climb you want to crush?

Training smart and specific

on the bike is imperative to getting faster. Don't waste time training inefficiently.


"Prior to Billy coaching me I would just get on my bike and go. Workouts were boring and I wasn't pushing myself.

Billy started by giving me three weeks of specific, goal oriented workouts. This schedule was huge for me, as a new mom, because I need to make sure I know what's coming so I can plan in advance.

He has been coaching me for a few months now and I've seen a huge improvement on the bike. I've set a few new goals for myself this year since we've started and I know he will continue to keep things fun and keep me improving." - Lauren G